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Mens Running Shorts,Workout Running Shorts for Men,2-In-1 Stealth Shorts,7-Inch Gym Yoga Outdoor Sports Shorts

Mens Running Shorts,Workout Running Shorts for Men,2-In-1 Stealth Shorts,7-Inch Gym Yoga Outdoor Sports Shorts

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Adjustable Waist +Slant Pocket

Adjustable waist, according to each person's waist size different, makes the adjustment appropriately, gives the waist a better comfortable degree. The slant pocket is more convenient to hold personal belongings. There is no problem putting down a private mobile phone.

Zipper Pocket

Zipper pocket at the back. It is small and can hold key chains and other things. It is not easy to drop.

Towel Loop

The design of the towel loop is fashionable and intimate. Hang a towel when exercising to wipe sweat at any time to keep comfortable.

This pair of shorts can be worn in the gym or at home. The waist can be adjusted, quick-drying and high elasticity, so you can enjoy the exercise more fully.

On the playground, you can also match these shorts with your sweatshirt. Sports are full of fashion. You and your friends need running shorts.

When you're training your muscles, you need a more malleable pair of shorts that allow you to do a lot of movement without feeling any restraint.

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Color Black, Blue,Red,Flower Black, Dark Red, Arona Blue, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Green, Orange, Red, Navy Blue, Khaki Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Khaki, White, Gray Camo Dark Grey,Black,Navy Blue,Khaki Black, Green, Grey,Khaki
Material Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester
Suitable place Swimming, surfing, pool, beach, kayaking Running, fitness, ball games, travel Running, track and field, fitness, athletics RUNNING, FITNESS, OUTDOOR SPORTS, AND TRAVEL Running, leisure, indoor, basketball, traveling out
Advantage High elasticity/ quick-dry/ liner Quick-drying/ reflective logo/ high pressure lining Quick-drying/ reflective logo Multifunctional pocket/ breathable and lightweight. Multiple Pockets
Size S-2XL S-2XL S-2XL S-2XL S-2XL
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